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Product Information

1. Description

1W485 is a putting 485 data convert  to 1-Wire data device, you can easily get 1-Wire 

device data via the host . be applied to the PC and various embedded devices.

2. Features

 (1) The product is mainly to achieve put 485 data convert  into 1-Wire data. so It can easily 

access 1-Wire device data via host.  such as: digital thermometer DS18B20, DS2450 (16 bits  AD) and so on.

 (2) Support standard 1-Wire protocol, supports all 1-Wire IC, But, the software only 

supports DS18B20, DS2413, DS2450 . customers  who wish to use the other 1-Wire IC can develop their own PC software.

 (3) Use 485 port, the standard MODBUS communication protocol.

 (4) Adopt standard industry protocol to facilitate development in the secondary.

 (5) software supports Windows series

3. Electrical parameters

 (1) Voltage: 5V

 (2) Current: 30mA

 (3) 1Wire: support for standard speed and high-speed

 (4) Baud Rate: 9600 bps

 (5) 1Wire length: 50 m ( theory value), it is recommended <5 m

 (6) 485 bus: twisted pair ; <500 m

4. Installation instructions

(1) Please log in to  and download software.

(2) Install dotnetfx.exe, if your computer system is Vista, may be you don't need to install

This process. Dotnetfx.exe is framework 2.0 of Microsoft, you can download it from the Website of Microsoft;

(3) Install the software, run 1W485 1W485.exe.

5. Application Diagram:


6. Equipment illustrate

6.1 Design 1Wire network, all devices be connected into 1Wire bus . (1Wire bus including VCC (5v power 
Supply)  DATA (data lines), GND (ground lines). Finally inserted 1-Wire port of device

6.2 To mount a device to the 485 bus.

6.3 Connect two isolated power supply (Note: a non-isolated 1W485 only need connect any one power supply line port.). isolated Power â‘  is some power supply of 1Wire ; isolated Powerâ‘¡ is 485 communication section power supply . 

6.4 Open the software.

7. Software instructions

7.1 Search equipment

Click on "Device" select "search facilities", as follows:

search device

Completed the search, as follows:


7.2 . Real-time temperatures

Click on the "real-time data" , select a device (such as 2), the following window will pop up:


7.3 Curve

Click left mouse button under marquee can zoom curve and narrow curve; Click and hold the right mouse button, can move the curve.


7.4. MSN remote access to the temperature

 MSN users log in, your friends can send related instructions and to obtain the relevant temperature data. When your friends send prompted number 1 to you, he will automatically get the temperature data. Including: real-time temperature, maximum, minimum and average.



 7.5. Email function


 Fill-mail message, and save. (Send E-mail request: support for POP3/SMTP services or other ports.) Receiving mail can fill two.

Can realize the following functions:

1, open warning function,  when the alarm is automatically triggered to send a message to the specified mailbox;

2, you can set the time, from time to time, it will send a message to the specified mailbox (recommended);

3, open continuous send, You can send mail to open a row in the specified mailbox (not recommended).

7.6 Modify the device address

Click the "device", select "Modify Settings" as follows:


7.7 General setting

Click "Setting", select "General Setting" as follows:


7.8 Device Setting

Click "Setting", select “Device Setting” as follows:





Product Code: 1W485

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