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Terms & Conditions


Most of the products of RDing tech CO. have become leader in international. We would wish enter into business relation with the customers who have the capacity to sale our goods to his national or regional, and then together to develop the market,
1, you can be as small batch or large volume buying our products. But, wholesale price will be different depending on the order number;
2, your remaining products can be forwarded to our other customers, it saves postage, such as a customer to buy the goods from our eBay ,so we can ship it from you, so as to solve your inventory problems;
3, We available published your information in national dealer by our website or while your customers in the region directly to your purchase;
4, Stage sales good customers, we are not develop second distributor in your country ;
5, Payment can be paid directly to our HK company accounts, or mainland China accounts;
6, You can distribute all of our products or part of the products;
7,In regard to after-sales service,(1)technology problems:
  Allow customers to contact us directly or through you to respond to customers, (2)Quality problems: you can return within a specified time ,when you can accumulate a certain number of the product
,you can one-time return to us. We give you a refund or a supplement; or we provide maintenance parts for you.
8,If you have a certain degree of technical service capabilities, we can undertake some co-operation for specific client's ODM or OEM custom-made samples or products development or production;
9, The remaining items need to deliberate.
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