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usb thermometer,-40~+120C Compatible with USB and RS232,For PC,Linux (TEMPer232U)

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Manufacturer: PCsensor

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Product Information


TEMPer232U is a new thermometer Compatible with USB and RS232. It can measure the temperature of the machine and the environment accurately via USB interface or RS232 interface connected to a computer or other embedded equipment.

2. Features
2.1 New TEMPer232U  increase a USB interface, it have two interfaces, USB and 232 interface. conveniently secondary development.
2.2 Standard HID-USB protocol, free driver. Supports all operating systems.
2.3 Built-in USB-232, in the absence of 232 interface computers can be used.
2.4 when you use USB interface .you will find a special functions :
Through the keyboard CapsLock, NumLock keys, temperature can be directly output to Excel/TXT text files. This function supports all operating system. Realize cross-platform, free software. but , 232 interface haven't this function .

2.5 Comes with the software supports all Windows system, supports data are automatically saved as txt or csv format, supports data logging, Email alarm, graph transformation, MSN function. MSN function which enables remote viewing data.

3. Electronic Parameters

3.1 Temperature range: -40 ~ +120 degrees Celsius
3.2 Probe Type: digital temperature IC
3.3 Resolution: 0.0625 degrees Celsius                         
Typical accuracy  is ±2°C over the full temperature range of –40°C to 125°C  and to ±1°C over the range of 0°C to 100°C; 
3.5 Voltage: 5V
3.6 Current: <10mA
3.7 Baud Rate of RS232: 9600bps


4, Installation instructions
Please log in to , and download the software
Plug the TEMPer232U into the computer USB port, and run TEMPer232U TEMPer232U.exe.

5. Device description
5.1 When you want to use 232 interface, you must to install CH340 driver.
5.2 When using the USB interface, please plug the device USB
port into your computer USB port. When using the 232 interface, please plug the device 232 port into the computer USB port.
5.3 It has a fun function. (When plug the USB port to the computer.
You don’t want to install software, OK! You can use the “Caps lock” and “Num lock” functions. As long as you long press the “Caps lock” or “Num lock” for 3 seconds, you can read the temperature no matter in excel, text or word form without running software. Then you can create curve.

5.4 Open the software.



6. The software instructions    (Note: Our software only support windows OS .)




Note:  The software will automatically identify interface type (.serial or USB )



6.1 Set
6.1.1 Setting Data Storage






6.1.2 Setting alarm temperature

Email alarm

6.1.3 Calibration


6.1.4 Start up

start up

6.1.5 Log

6.1.6 Curve


Click left mouse button under marquee can zoom curve and narrow curve; Click and hold the right mouse button, can move the curve.


6.1.7 MSN remote access to the temperature


MSN users log in, your friends can send related instructions and to obtain the relevant temperature data. When your friends send prompted number 1 to you, he will automatically get the temperature data. Including: real-time temperature, maximum, minimum and average.




6.1.8. Email function


Fill-mail message, and save. (Send E-mail request: support for POP3/SMTP services or other ports.) Receiving mail can fill two.

Can realize the following functions:

1, open warning function,  when the alarm is automatically triggered to send a message to the specified mailbox;

2, you can set the time, from time to time, it will send a message to the specified mailbox (recommended);

3, open continuous send, You can send mail to open a row in the specified mailbox (not recommended).

7. Packing list   


 (Weight of TEMPer232U : 60g)

Note: If you want to download the latest software, please click here











Product Code: TEMPer232U

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