Wireless Bluetooth Foot Switch Two Connection Modes Bluetooth or Usb for Office,Factory,Hospital


Product Code: FS2016BT2A_D

Manufacturer: PCsensor

Stock Level: 30

FS2016BT2A_D is a foot switch.

It is equivalent to a standard Bluetooth keyboard or mouse with one pedal and one button.

It can be connected to a computer or mobile phone via Bluetooth.

The pedals have four main functions. It can be defined as keyboard function, mouse function, multimedia function, string printing function through corresponding software.

The key value is saved in the device, and software is not required during the use of the device.

Multi-system Compatibility

Provide Windows-based key definition setting software.After setting,you can use the device on Windows,Mac and Android.

(Note: If it is a MAC system, you need to modify the key definition in Windows, and then plug the switch to macOS to use)

Please log in to software.pcsensor.com to download the corresponding version of the software for installation and use.

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