Hot keys!4 keys,Shortcut Keyboard for PADS drawing(HK_4)


Product Code: HK_4

Manufacturer: PCsensor

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Patent number:2014200764951
1. Description

Handheld USB keyboard, its four keys can be defined as any keyboard keys or key combinations on the standard computer, quick and convenient shortcuts in the engineering drawing software have the power of changing numerous to brief.

We often need to remember deliberately some shortcut keys which we commonly used for easy operation. Now our products solved the problem well, once you set through the product software, several rows of compound function can be changed to a button on the handle switch, is it convenient?

Applied in the engineering drawing software such as PADS shortcuts in application showed as below:

Ctrl + K  (establish group)
Ctrl + L  (array element)
Ctrl + M  (length of the shortest)
Ctrl + N  (create a new file)
Ctrl + O  (open the file)
Ctrl + P  (not in use)
Ctrl + Q  (query and modification)
Ctrl + R to 45 ° (Angle of rotation for the unit)
Ctrl + S   (save)
Ctrl + T   (not in use)
Ctrl + U  (cancel the highlighted)
Ctrl + V  (paste)
Ctrl + Alt + F ( filtering options)
Ctrl + Alt + J  (increase jump line)
Ctrl + Alt + M  (open or close main menu)
Ctrl + Alt + N  ( set up network search)
Ctrl + Alt + P  (check the previous design picture)
Ctrl + Alt + S  (open or closed window)
Ctrl + Alt + T ( open the Teardrop under the Setup/Preference Settings window)
Ctrl + BackSpace  (redo)
Ctrl + PageDown  (opened the rapid tester, starting from the current position )measurement)
Ctrl + Shift + P  (open toggle prompt window)

2. Function & Feature

(1) Product for USB interface standard HID keyboard devices, can run on Windows, Linux, MAC.
(2) 4 keys, respectively, can be defined as any Key or combination, a string on the keyboard, mouse, string end +. Any one of the Key,  and other functions.
(3) The keys can be changed by setting software keys, the software only support Windows. If there is need for using in Linux and MAC , you need to set keys in the Windows system, then it can be used in Linux, MAC computer , easy and convenient!
(4) The line length: 2 m, users can buy their own good quality USB extension length;

(5)CE/ FCC/ ROHS certification, unite states patent, pass European patent testing certification .


3. Operating instruction   (Note: Our software only support windows system .) 

Note: software is only used for modify button function. After configuration sucessfully . you don't need running the software when using the device.



4. product  photos:


































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